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Real love calculator first

Love Calculator

The online test

Our engine is built to calculate the real attraction between two people.

We use software and complex technology as the union of science and feelings. The love calculator results are sort of combination between nature and factory.

True love and attraction are the only game.

Real love calculator second
Little heart

Try the real love calculator.

You just need to enter two names to calculate compatibility.


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A bit more about the true Love Calculator

We ask for full sun every time we can, just at the top of the hill. If you know what you're looking for, then the love calculator will understand. The sun can disappear then you will forget it for a while. And if there are two sun then maybe you have reached a new part of the world and it's time to begin a travel to love.

Don' t we try another time each new day ? That's how we are made as sure as we live and love.

The love calculator is certified by the Company of Hysteric Role In Social Trouble.

The love calculator is made of a big metal piece but hang a crystal inside, so please use it with precaution.

But perhaps you think we cannot calculate love...( AND YOU ARE TRUE !!! )

Just a love meter but more than a love meter, this is the love machine !

Do you match each other ? Here comes the real love test to help you find a way.

The love calculator test version certified 2007 updated 2015

She was just on Vian Street waiting for a new explosion. At this time I didn't know about it.

Just follow your feet, just look my eyes. Just try to feel the skin or whatever you want. Try not to cry and try to love from all your inside. Try not to cry because you're a man, try not to cry because you're a woman, this is love, now you can cry. This is just a rapid instant, arm on back, there is just this instant and after they came again to be there just like a family. It's really romantic and I'm in love because that 's what we're looking for. Now we are stars, as it was written, as it is written now, as you can read it if you have the good eyes, this is pure love.

El ritmo es este, ponte fuerte ( Bomba estereo ).

Just a first kiss and my heart change it rhythm. You ask me why and I cannot reply. That wasn't the good moment and we don't care. With this singularity we maybe can be sure.

But you reply to your question as I didn't say anything. This is strange, a part of love, a part of brain. I don't know at this time what is happening to my body, I will understand it some hours after.

I don't want this.

But at the same time I can't complain. The words are false, they lie as anything, anybody, thinking is a liar.

So we don't say anything, this is real, this is inside my body, this is a caress. We share the feelings and I am going to collapse.

I am not waiting, I fear this instant. But at the end it comes...

This is just like a test, will we survive ? Certainly. But when you are inside the story you never know because passion is so strong that the way down is frightening.